Dresher Farm Market

Dresher Farm and Garden Market actually started out across the road from it’s present location as Lorenzo’s Farm Market in 1959.

Mr.( Charlie) & Mrs (Rose) Lorenzo bought the property and built their home in the middle of 6 and three quarters acres in 1948.
Janet , the youngest of four children had a 4H garden and wanted to make some spending money for a school trip, so she took some of the vegetables to the end of the property on Limekiln Pike and put up a small sign.
Some nice neighbors stopped and bought fresh green beans and some tomatoes.

That Saturday was a big success and Janet decided to do it again the following Saturday.Well Mr. & Mrs Lorenzo expanded the farm stand and put up a temporary building every year and grew many more crops such as peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and sweet corn, mums, flowers and shrubs and also had a fruit orchard on the property.

Mr. Lorenzo passed away in 1973 and Mrs Lorenzo ran the farm stand alone for many years and retired at 88 years old.Rose was a fixture in the community and known as
“The Corn Lady” of Dresher. After Mrs Lorenzo retired her granddaughter
Andrea and her husband George took over the Farm stand. They put up a temporary building and expanded the products to not only vegetables, but “pick your flowers” and a pumpkin patch. Andrea also made Christmas wreaths and decorations. She also made homemade fruit pies.